Dr. Wehling’s Don’t Get Sick Recipe 

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1. First sign of feeling ‘off’ – listen to that and make immediate changes to your day.

2. Take 50,000 IU to 100,000 IU (4-8 drops) of Vitamin A. I use this: https://bioticsresearch.com/node/1655. Take this dose for 2 days only. After that only take 1 drop daily until infection is gone.

3. Take 50,000 IU of Vitamin D3 or D3 with K2. I use: http://alfclincoln.com/shop/vitamin-d-supreme-60-vegetarian-capsules/.

4. Take 2 Tablespoons of Liposomal Vitamin C. I use http://alfclincoln.com/shop/liposomal-vitamin-c/.

5. Add in probiotics and prebiotics if you have them. I use MegaSporeBiotic

6. FAST – do not eat.

7. HYDRATE – filtered water – drink a tall glass.

8. SLEEP – immediately go to bed. Tell your boss or whomever and ask them – “Hey – I can go home right now and be strong the next day – or I can continue to work and be out sick for a week. What’s your choice?”

9. About 5 hours later, if still feeling a bit ‘off’, repeat the vitamins again. Prebiotics and probiotics no need.

I’ve been doing this for myself and my family for YEARS – and it helps nip the infection really fast about 80% of the time.