What is a Chiropractic Internist or a DABCI?

A board-certified chiropractic internist (DABCI) is a highly qualified chiropractic physician who can perform the duties of the primary care physician, but who also has specialized training in natural treatment protocols. This training allows the chiropractic internist to diagnose and treat the human condition outside the neuro-musculoskeletal model with important standardized and scientifically acceptable diagnostic methods as well as provide natural, safe treatment alternatives to conventional medicine, which in many cases involves substantial risk to the patient.

Chiropractors and Medical Doctors receive the same basic medical training. The difference in their specific training is how conditions are treated. While allopathic medicine (western medicine) uses prescription drugs and surgeries to treat many conditions, the chiropractic approach is focused on whole health, and natural methods of healing. Chiropractic treatments are typically non-invasive and consider long term effects for the whole being when prescribing a plan of treatment for their patients. Of course, chiropractors do refer some patients for surgery in the circumstance where it is medically necessary, but never as the first choice for a condition that is curable by other means. Furthermore, chiropractic uses the approach that health and wellness is achievable through natural means. Eating a balanced diet, getting proper rest and exercise, and making sure your organs are functioning at the proper level is necessary to prevent illness.

A DABCI or Chiropractic Internist is a chiropractor that has taken the additional steps to understand the human condition in great detail, and is highly qualified to diagnose and treat illness. In addition to their standard medical requirements, a DABCI receives 300 hours of post-graduate education. This education refines the skills learned in college, and broadens their ability to interpret medical testing in such a way that they can help prevent illness, diagnose illnesses already affecting patients, and offer natural alternatives for treatment. DABCI Doc’s receive detailed training on ordering and interpreting blood tests, heavy metal testing, nutritional supplementation, herbal remedies and healthy cell regeneration. These knowledgeable chiropractors are dedicated to helping their patients achieve optimal health without the use of harmful chemicals, unnecessary surgeries, or prescription drugs and their side effects.

Chiropractic Internists understand how the organs work together. Through a thorough patient history and simple testing a Chiropractic Internist can change the course of your future health. For example; removing your gall bladder may seem like the only way to get rid of those painful attacks that happen when you eat a fatty meal, but in most cases proper gall bladder function can be resumed with some dietary changes and natural supplementation. This option is rarely discussed through allopathic methods. As a matter of fact; most gall bladder complaints are put off until surgery seems like the only option.

Disease and illness never happen over night. Pain, fever and other symptoms are how our bodies tell us something is wrong. Covering up the symptoms with drugs and pain medications only compounds the problem, and puts off an inevitable diagnosis. The concern with putting off the diagnosis is; the longer a chronic illness is present, the more acute it becomes! It is much easier and less expensive to treat a chronic condition than it is to wait until immediate and surgical action are the only options. DABCI’s are trained to look for signs and signals that our bodies give us, through blood work and history examinations. Many times internal disorders can be avoided if the systems in our bodies are kept in order. For example; a properly functioning liver is very important to many of your bodily functions. A Chiropractic Internist can tell by looking at your blood work if your liver is functioning properly, and suggest ways for you to correct this imbalance before complications are encountered.

If you have more questions about what these doctors do, feel free to google either DABCI or Chiropractic Internist there are hundreds of these doctors in the United States alone. Any one of them would be happy to explain to you what they do, what their area of expertise is and how they can help you live a healthier life through natural means.

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