Will Insurance Cover Functional Medicine?

One of the mostly commonly asked questions we get in our office is, “Will my insurance cover this?” . Unfortunately, the answer for most will be no.  With Functional Medicine you are looking at what the standard model of care would call elective care. If we could accept insurance we would, and hopefully someday insurance will be used for actual health care and not just beneficial for emergency care.

To help patients with this we really try to impart the importance of the fact that you can not rely on your health insurance for your health. If you do, you will be limited to what type of care you will receive, i.e. medications and surgery.  However that doesn’t mean Functional Medicine is not accessible to the everyday person, quite the opposite actually. I’ll walk you through how this is possible.

  1. Insurance may offset some of the cost of lab testing.  Insurance will typically not cover all the testing , but that doesn’t mean that it won’t benefit you in some capacity. Obviously each plan is different, with different co-pays, but if we can run labs through your insurance we most certainly will!
  2. If you have an FSA or HSA (flex spend account or health savings account) those are options as well. These allow you to have a little more freedom in how their money is used and what type of care they receive.
  3. We will work with you to get you the best most affordable plan. We have to take into consideration length of time, type of testing that is necessary and which natural medicines that might need to be put in place. We do everything we can do to make sure Functional Medicine healthcare is accessible and available to everyone!

Our patients are normal everyday people who want to get healthy! Teachers, truck drivers, and other people who work hard everyday but see their health declining. Retired people who have worked their whole lives to enjoy the “golden years” but are on a laundry list of medications and their health is declining.

Our number one patient base are people are ready to treat the root cause of their symptoms rather than just take a medication to mask it. They see how the standard model of care fails them. They see the limitations to only being prescribed medications or waiting for things to get worse to get surgeries. This isn’t health care, it is sick care. Our goal is to restore health and find the underlying root causes of their health issues.

Insurance is important for emergency crisis care. We realize it is a necessary part of most people’s lives, but the reality of it is, insurance is not going to pay to get you well. For chronic healthcare, insurance is all but pointless. It will cover medications, if even those. We hear the phrase “doughnut hole” on a regular basis. People thousands of dollars in debt, from medications that are not designed to heal and grow in amounts as time goes on. We have to take control of our health, and be responsible for the type of care we want and get. Relying on an industry that is not designed to heal is setting yourself up to stay sick. To some this may seem harsh, but sadly, it is true.

We take our patient’s health very seriously and want them to do the same! We have never met someone who is serious not able to afford Functional Medicine. For most people it is a priority issue. They would rather put it off for another time or just keep taking their medications and expect a different result.

We want to speak life over the health conditions you are dealing with or what your loved ones may be going through.  There is no time like the present to take control of your health and either start or continue your journey into health! If you want us to be a part of that we are happy to see if we can help you. Take advantage of our free phone or webcam evaluation, to see if Functional Medicine is right for you. We coach people all around the world!

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